Why Steve

People with spider veins, varicose veins, venous ulcers, post phlebitis syndrome, deep vein thrombosis and vascular or lymphatic system disorder most of the time have to wear therapeutic compression stockings.

These stockings apply considerable pressure to the legs and in doing so help to support vascular function.

This can reduce the symptoms of the disorder and prolong the beneficial effects of treatment.

Therapeutic compression stockings also have a preventive effect in the sense that they can help to prevent the development or progression of a disorder.

Finally, by using Steve 2 everyone can apply and remove compression stockings independently in a few simple steps without bending down!

Steve 2®

  • is specially designed to enable people who wear compression stockings to apply and remove their compression stockings without support,
  • can be used while sitting and lying down,
  • reduces the effort to apply and to remove compression stockings to a minimum,
  • makes the whole procedure much easier for the user and for the people that are working in healthcare and homecare!
  • Is robust and is made of high quality material