Steven Westerbos

Dear visitor,

Since 2004 I am a user of a compression stocking. Despite my young age (then 21 years old), I was faced with the arduous task to get it on and for sure to take it off!  This should be easier, especially for people who hardly can! After many hours of research and development (building on an ingenious instrument of my grandfather: 'James') we developed the Steve®.

Since its introduction on the Dutch market in 2008, there are already sold more than 15.000 pieces. Now a days we sell Steve 2® and Steve 2 Travel® in Belgium, Germany,  France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States with the outcome that many compression stocking wearers are happy and self-reliant with Steve 2®. Do you have any comments about the Steve 2®, do you want to share your user experience,  or do you have improvements, special requests or suggestions, we would like to hear from you. Indeed, we strive to offer you as much stocking convenience as possible!


Steven Westerbos
Director West Care ®