Homecare nurse recommends Steve 2

Josephien Martinec recommends Steve 2 to her clients

Because I had to wear compression stockings ( very heavy and tight ) witch were very hard to get on and off by myself and I didn’t want to rely longer on my husband help, I started looking for an alternative solution . Finally I found the Steve 2.

After several phone calls with the doctor and the health insurance, I managed to purchase Steve 2. After practicing a few times , I soon had it mastered . I am very excited about the usage of Steve 2 and will therefore recommend the device to everyone. Especially if you 're stable and do not want to be dependent on others. I 'm no longer dependent , and that's very important to me. Since I am employed by a home care agency I'm also give care to many clients who do not like to be dependent . I advice these clients to try my two Steve 's after I demonstrate how to use the device.  Even normal stockings and socks can be fit and loose with Steve 2 .

My advice is also to use the blue gloves for more grip on the stockings . 

For the home care setting , I have received brochures of the Steve 2 so we can give these to our customers, so they are informed about the existence of this wonderful solution.

In summary , me and my clients are very pleased with the Steve 2