Bob Burrill

Gibbons, Alberta Canada

I am impressed with my purchase... other donners on the market do not even come close to the quality and intelligence of the WestCare product and design.

I enjoy my Steve 2®... especially after using the pathetic "coat hanger type models" that exist on the market today... none of them with handles longer than 18" and of questionable value and use to the seriously ill.

These did not work to my satisfaction at all... and it would have been distressing for me to ask for help from my wife or daughters in donning my stockings.

In any economy the most important aspects of business are quality of product, price positioning, great customer service and word of mouth advertising.
I'm a big promoter of things I find useful....and I'll do all I can to tell people about the Steve 2® and WestCare.

I found the Steve 2® just in time for my needs, but I'm sure there are plenty of more people who’ll benefit from your product. Price is a factor, but not the bottom line for me when it comes to my personal needs. I'm sure there's more people who feel the same way.