Frequently asked questions

What is the major advantage of Steve 2?
‘With the portable applicator “Steve” millions of people are able to don and doff their compression stockings independently without bending, pain and difficulty’

Why wear compression stockings and use Steve 2 on a daily basis?
Factors that play a significant role in the development of problems in the legs include hereditary predisposition, pregnancy and hormonal factors. But a person’s occupation, age and weight can also contribute to the development of conditions such as varicose veins and physicians recommend to wear compression stockings.
Compression therapy is the standard practice for the treatment and prevention of venous leg ulcers. Evidence in literature 1,2 demonstrates that compression stockings are more effective than standard short-stretch compression bandages in healing venous leg ulcers and in reducing associated pain.
Evidence has demonstrated that compression stockings can benefit venous leg ulcer healing and reduce associated pain and have to be used every day.1,2

Can Steve 2 be used for any kind of compression stockings?
There are currently more than 200 different kinds of therapeutic compression stockings, closed toe or open toe styles on the market.

Compression stockings can be categorized according the level of compression, length an knit.

A distinction is also made between ready-made compression stockings and compression stockings that are specially designed for the individual.

Steve 2 is competitive and innovative offering and can be used for any kind of these stockings.

Why make an investment in Steve 2?
The fee for 30 minutes’ donning assistance by non-medical home care is on average about U.S.$10,00.

An investment in Steve 2 and writing it off in a few years is not even U.S.$0,15 per day.

An investment in Steve 2 is an investment in comfort, independence, increased mobility and a better quality of life.

It is important to note that Medicare and most health-insurance policies in the U.S. do not cover home health-care costs (WestCare is not a Medicare Provider and does not bill Medicare).

Where can I buy Steve 2?
Buy Steve 2 in our webshop, order Steve 2 now with 14 days Money Back Guarantee!


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